Lisa McCallum

Lisa McCallum is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Glasgow, Scotland
Lisa McCallum


Lisa is an AMT Certified EFT Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Hypnoanalyst and Counsellor.  She is based on  the south side of Glasgow and works from a very comfortable therapy room within her home.  Lisa specialises in working with people to address their various levels of stress and anxiety in all areas of their lives - personally, socially and professionally. Empowering client's is a key focus of Lisa's work, as she feels it's important they have both the control and the tools they require whenever they may need them in any given situation.  

Lisa offers a unique integrated approach technique, which incorporates all methods available to her, tailored individually into each client session.  She is happy to work one-to-one or with small groups. 

Lisa offers a highly holistic and effective approach which encourages client's to discover, understand and evolve their issues to a point they are happy with, encouraging each client to discover their true self and go forward in their life in the most positive and effective way for them. Lisa's aim is to assist clients to be happier, more fulfilled, more relaxed, healthier and in control of any situation both personally and professionally. 

Lisa strongly believes that therapies of all kinds are an integral part of our own self development - whether we wish to discover why we are the way we are; to overcome personal issues that may be holding us back; to change or create new positive ways of thinking and living or to heal ourselves emotionally or psychologically.  Lisa firmly believes there is a way forward for everyone and each client has it within them to bring about the changes they require.  Lisa views herself as a guide and mentor within this process and offers a safe, responsive, collaborative and compassionate environment in which to do so.  



EFT Master Practitioner
Positive EFT Practitioner
Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis and Counselling (Cert Hyp. C.S)
P.G.Dip Adult Guidance
B.A. (Hons) English Lit, Sociology, Psychology


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